Kalenderblatt vom 13. Juli

Charlotte Corday vor dem Revolutionstribunal
Charlotte Corday vor dem Revolutionstribunal in Paris, 17. Juli 1793. Am 13. Juli 1793 hatte sie den Publizisten und Intellektuellen Jean Paul Marat (1743-1793) erstochen. Karikatur von James Gillray (1756-1815).
»Charlotte Corday standing before the judges of the Revolutionary Tribunal with the body of Marat which lying between them. She responds to the Tribunal: "Wretches, I did not expect to appear before you - I always thought that I should be delivered up to the rage of the people, torn in pieces, & that my head, stuck on the top of a pike, would have preceded Marat on his state bed, to serve as a rallying point to Frenchmen, if there still are any worthy of that name. But, happen what will, if I have the honours of the guillotine, & my clay-cold remains are buried, they will soon have conferred upon them the honours of the Pantheon; and my memory will be more honoured in France than that of Judith in Bethulia."«, Quelle: [16]

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