The Story Of Vernon And Irene Castle Filmbewertung: 3 von 5 Sternen

Die Geschichte von Vernon und Irene Castle

  • Musical
  • USA 1939
  • RKO
  • R: H.C. Potter
  • P: George Haight, Pandro S. Berman
  • D: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Edna May Oliver, Walter Brennan, Lew Fields, Etienne Girardot, Donald MacBride, Marjorie Bell (= Marge Champion).
  • DB: Richard Sherman, Oscar® Hammerstein II, Dorothy Yost
  • V: (R) Irene Castle: 'My Husband', 'My Memories Of Vernon Castle'
  • K: Robert de Grasse
  • M: Victor Baravalle
  • 93 Minuten S/W

Die Geschichte der Tänzer Vernon und Irene Castle (Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers), die bis zu Vernon's Tod während des 1. Weltkrieges große internationale Erfolge feierten.

Songs und Musiknummern

  • Waiting For The Robert E. Lee
  • Too Much Mustard
  • Only When You're In My Arms
  • Oh You Beautiful Doll
  • Glow Little Glow Worm
  • By The Beautiful Sea
  • The Yama Yama Man
  • Come Josephine In My Flying Machine
  • By The Lights Of The Silvery Moon
  • Cuddle Up A Little Closer
  • King Chanticleer
  • While They Were Dancing Around
  • The Darktown Strutters
  • Rose Room
  • Très Jolie Waltz
  • Syncopated Walk
  • Maxixe Dengozo
  • Little Brown Jug
  • You're Here And I'm Here
  • Chicago
  • Hello, Frisco, Hello
  • Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
  • Take Me Back To New York Town
  • It's A Long Way To Tipperary
  • Hello, Hello, Who's Your Lady Friend
  • Destiny Waltz
  • Nights Of Gladness
  • Missouri Waltz

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